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What is a Vistage Peer Group and Why Should You be Involved?

Vistage Peer Group

Imagine a great baseball team. It’s made up of top-notch hitters and has an amazing pitcher. But the pitcher isn’t a leading hitter, and the hitters would be underwhelming pitchers – and that’s OK. On sports teams, each player has their own unique role and together, they create something incredible. It’s the same in business. Good people with individual —…

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How the Vistage Chair Chooses the Right Mix of Members


A Vistage peer advisory group meeting goes far beyond simply gathering members in a room and closing the doors. Vistage chairs provide a high level of structure and security for executives looking to learn and overcome business challenges. In order to achieve this, peer group chairs pay careful attention to group dynamics and exclusively offer membership to leaders in non-competing…

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An Inside Look: A Vistage Group Meeting

Vistage Group Meeting

Ever wondered what happens behind closed doors during a peer advisory group meeting? The structured, facilitated format unique to Vistage provides an exclusive resource to members to learn from and with fellow business owners and executives. If you aren’t yet part of a Vistage group, here’s an overview of how a peer advisory group meeting works. Educational Sessions Vistage group…

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Is a Peer Group Right for Me?

peer group

Across the expanse of your business career, you will eventually come to a point where you conclude you need an independent resource for counsel. Because of the challenges of today’s business climate and the speed of disruptive forces that come seemingly out of nowhere, business leaders need to develop true 360-degree vision. One resource business owners should explore is a…

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